“Músicas de Filmes e Desenhos” – Brothers Big Band Orchestra

Show “Music from Movies and Drawings!” from the Brothers Big Band Orchestra in Project “TAC 8 em Ponto” at the Álvaro de Carvalho Theater in the city of Florianópolis (12/12/2017). It was my very first experience by producing.

The Brothers Bigband Orchestra is formed by professional musicians directed by Maestro Giovane Pacheco. This show brings together soundtracks of various cartoons and movies from the 50s / 60s to the present day. All the excitement of experiencing a Big Band performing live the songs that are in the memory of the general public, besides the use of projection of images and videos.

Art Direction: Giovane Pacheco
Music Production: Alexandre Ari Piazza
Technical Support: Misael Pacheco and Camilla Maria de Souza Piazza
Graphic Art / Videos: Alexandre Ari Piazza

Conductor: Giovane Pacheco
Alto Saxophone: Ricardinho
Tenor Saxophone: Leandro Espíndola
Baritone Saxophone: Rafael Thiesen
Trumpets: Rafael Almir, Marlon Torres, Carlos Grun,
Trombones: Artur Fernandes, Ezequias Candido,
Tuba: Dyjonhatan
Double bass and Electric Bass: Alexandre Ari Piazza
Guitar: André Medeiros
Piano / Keyboard: William Franklin
Drums / Percussion: Sarah and José Carlos Garcia




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